Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have any quirky activities that you like to do while brainstorming? One of my favorite ways to get some good thinking in is to clean my house. Vacuuming, in particular, seems to bring about some of my best ideas. Not only does it help me sort out my plot bunnies, but it takes care of all those pesky dust bunnies, too! Unfortunately, my dog isn’t the biggest fan of this system. The scraps and crumbs she works so hard to hide around the house disappear on a daily basis. She’s a good sport, though, and even though I know my seemingly absurd cleaning habits irritate her, she never holds a grudge. So to honor the hardships she endures by being my housemate, this month’s poem is all about vacuum cleaners… from the perspective of my dog!


Vacuum Cleaner
By Katie Gilstrap

A vacuum cleaner
with a cord
attacks the corner

where I hoard

my favorite bits
of household stuff,
like dryer lint

and carpet fluff.

Its mighty motor
howls and hums
while sucking up

the cache of crumbs

that I have buried
in the rug
beneath the remnants

of a bug.

All the work
that I’ve put in
to making such

a cozy den

is now the product
of dismissal,
all because of

Mama’s Bissell.