I’m a Doggie! Who are You?

As we celebrate the start of summer, let’s remember the importance of showing love and respect to our fellow human beings. As someone who studies both human and animal behavior, I’m always looking for parallels between the two. Although I tend to focus my studies on animals in the wild, I also enjoy observing the behaviors of my dog. One of the most inspiring things about her is the fact that she always approaches other dogs with love and respect. She wags her tail and invites them to play, even though they may have never met before. Although relationships between human beings are more complex than those between dogs, we can still learn from their behavior. We can focus on the similarities we share as living, breathing human beings while acknowledging and celebrating our differences.

To celebrate love, tolerance, and acceptance, this month’s poem, inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “I’m Nobody! Who Are You?”, is all about friendship… from the perspective of a dog!


I’m a Doggie! Who are You?

By Katie Gilstrap

I’m a doggie! Who are you?
Are you a doggie too?
You have the strength
and facial length

that other doggies do.

Your legs are nimble, long and tall.
Your feet are quick are small.
You’re just like me,
so you must be

a doggie after all!

I’m a doggie! You’re a doggie!
Let’s go run around!
We’ll romp and play
and seize the day
with life and love abound!