The Cone of Shame

In these days of self-isolation, I can’t help but think of all the times I’ve had to isolate my dog from the dangers of her own snout. She’s undergone multiple surgeries, and after each one, she’s had to wear an E-Collar, AKA “The Cone of Shame.” To add a little humor to these uncertain times, this month’s poem is all about the challenge of recovery . . . from the perspective of a dog!

The Cone of Shame

By Katie Gilstrap

Last week I tried
to lick and gnaw
a boo-boo on

my bony paw.

It must have made
my folks upset,
for when they saw,

they called the vet!

He wrapped around
my precious face,
an opalescent

plastic brace.

Now every day
I bear the name
of “She Who Wears

The Cone of Shame.”