Pumpkin on the Porch

It’s October, which means it’s officially PUMPKIN SEASON!!! Each year, for Halloween, I buy a pumpkin to carve and set out on my porch. The kids in my neighborhood LOVE it, but my dog is skeptical. She thinks IT’S ALIVE! To honor her unique reaction to my beloved Jack-O-Lantern, this month’s poem is all about pumpkins . . . from the perspective of a dog!

Pumpkin on the Porch

By Katie Gilstrap

I see a pumpkin on the porch
and much to my surprise,
it looks as though it has a mouth

and two big, spooky eyes!

Cautiously, I sniff the gourd.
I study every groove.
I wait for a reaction,

but the pumpkin doesn’t move.

Is this thing a creature,
or is this some kind of joke?
Why won’t it respond to me

when I give it a poke?

Maybe it is sleeping.
After all, it’s getting dark!
I want it to awaken, so I’ll