It’s that time again! This month marks the official start of autumn, which for me, means caramel apples, fuzzy socks, and drizzly mornings cozied up in my writing den. But for my dog, it means extra time outside so she can enjoy the cooler weather! To celebrate her affinity for all things fall, this month’s poem is all about autumn . . . from the perspective of my dog!

By Katie Gilstrap

The sun gives way
to skies of gray.

The leaves upon the trees

are turning brown
and falling down

with every gentle breeze.

And through my fur,
I feel a stir

of autumn in the air.

If I’m not wrong,
it won’t be long

before I’ll need to wear

some coats and knits
and fleecy bits

to keep me snug and warm

so I can stay
outside to play

and watch the world transform.