Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, which means there will soon be lots of turkey around. As a vegetarian, I stay as far away from the stuff as I can. But my dog LOVES it! Anytime she smells meat, she makes it her number one goal to snag a piece. (And due to her sneaky nature, she usually succeeds!) So to celebrate her affinity for all things savory, this month’s poem is all about “Turkey Day” . . . from the perspective of my dog!

Turkey Day

By Katie Gilstrap

I’ve heard a thing
called “Turkey Day”

is just a month away.

Does this mean
that lots of meat

will soon be on display?

Such an exhibition
shouldn’t dare be

left alone…

If I may,
I’d like to volunteer

to chaperone.

I’ll be on guard
and keep an eye
on all the precious meat.

(And when you turn away,
I will enjoy

a hearty treat!)