Greyt Words: “Springtime”

Hey, everybody! It’s time for another round of Greyt Words! This month’s poem is all about springtime… from the perspective of a greyhound! Originally published on the Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption Dog Blog, this poem is dedicated to retired racing greyhounds in search of forever homes. To learn more about greyhound adoption and this beautiful cause, please check out


By Katie Gilstrap

Throw back the curtains
and open the door!
Springtime has come
and I want to explore!

The sunshine is out
and there’s so much to sniff.
With each gentle breeze,
I can capture a whiff

of flowers and puddles
and grasses that sprawl.
My goal is to find them

and roll in them all!

I’ll lie on the ground
with my nose pointed high,
then welcome the spring
with a howl to the sky!