The 4th of July

Happy July, everyone! As you enjoy the festivities and fireworks this week, don’t forget to keep an eye on your pets. Animals are often spooked by loud noises, so please be sure your furry friends are safe and secure when the celebrations begin.

In honor of fireworks and animal safety, this month’s poem is all about the 4th of July . . . from the perspective of a dog!

The 4th of July

By Katie Gilstrap

It’s the 4th of July,
so my people and I

are enjoying an evening outside.

They’re laughing and dancing.
I’m panting and prancing.

We’ve all put our worries aside!

But wait! What’s that sound?
There’s a shake in the ground

and a thunderous series of claps!

My people admire
a sky full of fire
while I hide my face in their laps.