Hands up if you like to take baths! I, for one, LOVE soaking in a tub full of bubbles. It’s where I get all of my best book ideas! But my dog isn’t so crazy about them. When she hears the running water, she hides. Unfortunately for her, baths are a pretty regular part of her routine, especially since she likes to play in the mud so much. So to honor this age-old, less-than-popular tradition, I’ve written a poem all about bathtime . . . from the perspective of my dog!

By Katie Gilstrap

When I catch
within my scope
that all-familiar
oatmeal soap

I feel my mood
begin to shift.
My body shakes.
My hackles lift.

And then my heart
begins to pound,
for in the distance
is the sound

that is the source
of all my wrath:
the running water
of a bath.