Kiss Me, I’m Greyt!

Happy March, everyone! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this month’s post is a tribute to greyhounds and their place in Irish history!

Did you know that greyhounds and their ancient predecessors have had a strong presence in Irish history since the 17th century? It’s true! Irish Greyhounds, or “Celtic Hounds,” are prevalent in many Irish legends as symbols of loyalty, strength, and health.

Perhaps one of the Celtic Hound’s most important characteristics is its symbolic role as a powerful healer. Although the original reasoning behind the Celtic Hound’s association with healing is unknown, it could have emanated from the ancient belief that dogs are capable of healing wounds by licking them.

If this is true, could it be that the kiss of a greyhound is a blessing of good health? According to this greyhound, it very well could be . . .

Kiss Me, I’m Greyt!
By Katie Gilstrap

I cannot fully
that strength will come
from kissing me.
But like the famous
Blarney Stone,
I have a legend
of my own.
The challenge is
a test of fate
that’s settled when
you kiss a Greyt.
So will you choose
to live in doubt?
Or will you boldly

kiss my snout?