2am Awakenings and the Voyage of Self-Discovery

One of the most simultaneously beautiful and frustrating parts about being a writer is the constant voyage of self-discovery. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, BOOM! Your brain decides to throw you a curveball. Your tastes change. Your interests shift. You come to realizations that you wonder why you never came to before. For me, these realizations usually happen in the middle of the night. And recently, I had a particularly interesting “awakening” that made me reconsider the way that I write my blogs.

As I mentioned in my “Poetic Propensities” post back in May, I love to rhyme. I write my picture books in rhyme, and more often than not, I even tend to think in rhyme. So why shouldn’t I blog in rhyme, too?

To entertain this 2am thought, I’m going to try something new. Instead of writing the short essays I’ve grown accustomed to posting over the past several months, I’m going to try blogging in verse. Starting in October, my *new and improved* posts will feature poems pertaining to my life as a writer – the joys, struggles, observations, and interests that come with the territory of being creative. Of course, I’ll throw some of my greyhound poetry in the mix, too, just for fun! If it works, great! If not, I can always go back to the expository format. But for now, my instincts are telling me to go with my gut – to rhyme to my heart’s content. Stay tuned for the dynamic shift to come!